"After graduating Boston Bartenders School, I relocated to Las Vegas. Within a week I was working at Caesar's. Because of my bar management training at Boston Bartenders School, within 10 months I was promoted to bar manager."  
  Bill Baker, Bartender/Manager  
  "Shelly and I graduated on Friday. The next Wednesday we were flying to Florida to start our first job on Saturday. Would you believe on Carnival Cruise Lines. This was the best course I ever took! Thank you Boston Bartenders School."  
  Susan Francis, Bartender  

Our goal is to give you the best training possible.

Our "HANDS-ON" Bartender Training Program gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to work behind any bar in the country.
"Boston Bartenders School is the complete school, every area of the industry is covered. I always call the school when I need staff. To me it's a hands down choice time and time again."

Brad Greenfield,
Owner of Bartenders in the Burbs Catering


Our textbook and program features informative interview skills that will increase your ability to properly present yourself professionally at a job interview. Each Boston Bartenders School campus maintains a current list of available bartender positions.

Your exclusive BBSA Bartender ID Card entitles you to Placement Assistance at any of our New England locations as well as nationwide at any of our affiliates coast to coast.

All of our graduates are encouraged to meet with us to discuss their specific employment preferences and prepare for interviews.

With thousands of establishments needing bartenders in New England, our graduates can choose from a wide range of full and part-time positions.

We maintain an active referral service with bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs and caterers. Because we are so well known in the bartending Industry (through networking and inside connections) we receive hundreds of job openings every year.

We personally keep in touch with owners and managers, many of which are former graduates of Boston Bartenders School. As a result, we receive calls daily from establishments interested in hiring our graduates for full and part-time positions, as well as catering functions and parties.

"I first attended Boston Bartenders School in 1981 and then took a free refresher program in 1993. I now own my own bartending business. Thank You Boston Bartenders School."

Diane Kinosian
Owner of Boston's Best Bartenders